A Lifetime of Practical Sales & Marketing Expertise… Working For You

I have spent a lifetime in sales and marketing, but for the last 17 years I have designed websites and online lead generation campaigns for small, mostly local businesses just like yours. I apply fundamental selling and marketing principles to your online presence, use up-to-the-minute SEO and website design skills, and focus on getting you more business from your website and from the internet.

That’s what you want your website to do for you, right?

Tom Dunn

Founder and Owner

Like many professional SEO services and web designers, we know how to design great looking websites. All similarities end there, and you’ll appreciate the difference that makes to your bottom line.

Unlike most other web design companies, we apply a lifetime’s worth of sales and marketing knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of search engine marketing and optimization, to bringing you more business through the internet, month in and month out. In other words, even though you may not be able to explain all of these things, you want a site that does the following:

  • Gets found by the search engines AND by people looking for your product or service
  • Gives your site visitors EXACTLY what they’re searching for, in the fewest possible clicks
  • Turns searchers into visitors, visitors into leads, and leads into buyers
  • Helps visitors feel like they’re dealing with a person, not a corporation
  • Answers visitors questions, BEFORE they ask
  • Makes it DEAD SIMPLE for your website visitors to contact you
  • Allows visitors to interact and gets them INVOLVED
  • Leads visitors to make a buying decision

The SEO, websites, mobile sites, and lead generation campaigns we develop for you do all this and much more. We would love the chance to explain how. My name is Tom Dunn, and I’m the owner of LucidPage. You can reach me through our contact page by telephone or email and I’ll reply right away.

If you want to know what our current clients think of us, you can find out on our Google Business page.

“Working with Tom and following his advice has increased my business by 20%!”
Larry McCall

Treehouse Cabins