Things to See and Do in Pawleys Island SC

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Pawleys Island is a small town in the state of South Carolina. For the past two centuries, this destination has been a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. With both a thriving Broad Street and an abundance of restaurants, attractions, and venues to keep you entertained, Pawleys Island is a great place to spend your time. Here are some things to see and do in Pawleys Island SC:


The Pawleys Island Lighthouse is an iconic landmark worth a visit if you’re in the area. The lighthouse was built in 1805, and it’s one of the oldest lighthouses on the Eastern seaboard. You can also enjoy some great views of the surrounding coastline while you’re there.


The first thing to do is to walk down Broad Street. This street is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. You will find everything from a candy shop to an ice cream parlor, from a liquor store to a toy store. It’s worth the walk down Broad Street to see all of the different things that are awaiting you!


Pawleys Island has many attractions, but the Historic District is an absolute must-see. This area has been a popular destination for visitors since the early 1800s. You’ll find several buildings that date back to this period and have interesting stories behind them. Many of these buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places for their significance. If you’re looking for a place to eat in Pawleys Island, there are tons of great options here too!


If you love the ocean, then you’re going to love Pawleys Island. The islands are located on the Atlantic Ocean and are known for their beautiful beaches, wildlife, and salt marshes. You can enjoy a day of fishing or sea kayaking, rent out a boat for a day to explore the area, or take a trip to see the wild horses in nearby North Carolina. Another activity you can try is scuba diving or snorkeling. The waters around this town are full of marine life and provide an unforgettable experience for beginners and experienced divers alike. Scuba diving at one of these famous destinations is perfect for those who want to get their feet wet but aren’t quite ready for the deep end.


Pawleys Island is home to two of the most beautiful beaches in South Carolina. There’s a white sand beach on the south end of town and a secluded beach on the north. On the two beaches, you find some of the best sunsets in all of South Carolina. These are perfect places to unwind after a long day exploring the island.


The Jones Store Museum is a historical building located on Broad Street in Pawleys Island. It was originally built in 1882 and used as a store, post office, and hotel. This museum is home to many artifacts of the history of Pawleys Island.

Another great thing about this museum is that it has free admission. If you are looking for something fun to do in Pawleys Island, consider visiting The Jones Store Museum while you are there. You can learn more about this town’s history and get a taste of what life was like back then by checking out their collection.


Pawleys Island is an amazing place to visit with its many attractions, history, and culinary offerings. You can easily spend a day or two in Pawleys Island and never run out of things to do.