The Best of Greenville, South Carolina

Photo ©2014 Brenda Ernst Photography

Photo ©2014 Brenda Ernst Photography

Greenville, SC… where friendliness, contemporary society, and accomplishment meet. The biggest city in the Upstate of SC, Greenville houses a developing market, a rich record, vibrant and assorted public available entry doors, and an interminable way to obtain grand regular superiority. Established generally somewhere within the cities of Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte, N.C., over the Interstate 85 passageway, and simply a hour’s drive from the Blue Ridge Parkway, Greenville is a gathering point for business, such as, open air amusement opportunities, communal expressions, and old-style Southern neighborliness.

While metropolis appreciates a customary appeal, they have laid on background by themselves hardly. In the last 25 years, downtown Greenville has encountered a Renaissance of new improvement and redevelopment that has accumulated national consideration and an extremely much earned notoriety as you the most quickly developing zones in america and the single speediest in SC.

Greenville can be a truly wonderful town in which to work, play, shop, eat, and live. Listed below are only a few explanations why:

The Arts & Entertainment

Greenville’s downtown is regarded as the social target of the Upstate. Home to the Peace Center for the Performing Arts and the Bi-Lo Center, Greenville appeals to a wide range of world-class entertainers – from popular contemporary society symbols to the newest Broadway and founded appears. Greenville on top of that is sponsor to the Greenville State Artwork Museum, the Greenville Region Library, and different private theatre and exhibits locations. There may be fun around the neighborhood area for every person – including parks, occasions, and the Greenville Zoo.

Eating Out

A lot more than 100 eateries and pubs are centered on Greenville’s Main Road alone, so that it is a sure thing that no person sessions Greenville and leaves starving. Feasting here’s diverse – a mixture of cultural sustenance’s and local flavour, including fine eating, southern cooking food, and wide open air bistros.

Teaching and Educational Opportunities

Greenville Region Colleges have for a relatively good right time been regarded as a pioneer in status funded education. The largest government funded educational system in SC and the 58th biggest framework in the country, the locale moves and challenges more than 60,000 youngsters in evaluations K-12.

Sports & Recreation

Greenville houses two expert video games categories – the Greenville Drive football community and team hockey group, the Greenville Highway Warriors. Played out at the new from the pack new Fluor Field and the Bi-Lo Centre, individually, the Drive and the street Warriors give our group organizations to be happy with and yank for. Greenville furthermore is inside simple travelling parting to big-time college sports activities programs at Clemson School and the University or college of SC, and also being found somewhere within significant expert video games organizations in Atlanta and Charlotte.

Here’s an aerial view of some of Greenville’s most beautiful attractions…

Business and The Economy

Staying and living in Greenville involves business and commerce. Situated using one of the busiest interstates in the us, in a standout amidst the most developing zones of the nation quickly, Greenville emerges as a pioneer in the current economy. Home to understand commercial companies and a good labor force universally, this is a city prepared to find yourself significantly even more a pioneer in the 21st hundred years current economic climate. SC is a privilege to-work state with just a little unionization rate.

Air Transportation and Nearby Airports

Greenville-Spartanburg AIRPORT TERMINAL (GSP) can be found in Upstate SC, halfway between the cities of Greenville and Spartanburg on I-85 (Leave 57). GSP is rolling out into one of the best possible air terminals in the country, regularly getting together with the Upstate’s gradually expanding needs.