Moving to North Carolina: Consider Hendersonville

Main Street Hendersonville NC

Main Street Hendersonville, NC.

When the decision to move has been made the next choice to decide upon is where – where to live. I know all about this because five years ago my husband (owner of this business) and I moved away from Rochester, New York and headed for shorter winters with little or no snow, lower taxes, and the beauty of the mountains. If you ever spent time in the Adirondacks and relished the peaceful tranquility you know there is just something about the mountains that restores your soul.

Forget the traffic and congestion of the coast, the tourist spots are nice but the residential areas tend to be shabby and you’re crushed so close to your neighbors you better learn to speak in hushed tones.

If you’d like a chance at finding a job you’ll find the area between Hendersonville and Greenville, South Carolina is growing and thriving. I’m sure you’d also like good healthcare, choices for grocery shopping, malls and the usual box stores, but you’re in for a treat when you see the historic downtown. A great place for a stroll, ice cream, restaurants, gift shops, consignment stores, and of course a delicious cup of coffee. The downtown area is a great place to ‘be’.

Thriving, growing, happening- just what you want when you want it, and if you’re looking for a little less of all that, well it’s not far away. Just enjoy a pleasant drive around all the farms and apple orchards. Hendersonville is known for being an apple growing community with orchard after orchard, and a festival too. A community with a great library that’s connected to a huge network of libraries all around the mountains. An area with festivals and family friendly events constantly going on. There is truly something for everyone here.

What does the area around Hendersonville look like? Take a ten minute drive to Summit Lake, or head to Lake Lure for a day at the beach. Plan a family outing to Chimney Rock or take a hike to the many waterfalls. Enjoy the little town of Flat Rock and spend the day at Carl Sandburg’s home and don’t miss time with the goats. Your family can walk right into the pen with the goats and pet and watch the volunteers tending to these great-offspring of Lilian Sandburg’s very own goats.

While I was writing this article I came across this really well-done video on YouTube…

The area is truly beautiful and the drives around the mountains will find you relaxing with the lush greenery as you drive away from the hassles which our modern life throws at us. When visiting Hendersonville NC, you’re never far from what you need, but it’s also a quick drive to get away from the shoppers and the mall rats.

If it’s outdoor activities you crave the area is known for its hiking trails, kayaking and rafting waters. A short drive to Saluda will again put you in a little out of the way town where you can rent a kayak and grab a great lunch at several restaurants. The area is big on excellent food grown locally.

Everything you could want and you can get out of the house in January and February while your friends up north are hunkering down for yet another blizzard. Yes, it’s tough but someone has to do it…