Without A Mobile Site, You’re Likely Missing 60% Of Your Potential Traffic

Do You Have A Mobile Friendly Website?

If your business doesn’t have a website that is specifically designed to look great on mobile browsers – like iPhone and Android smartphones – you probably are turning away a LOT of potential customers before they even get a chance to learn about your product or service. Why? Simple… it’s estimated that nearly 6 out of every 10 visitors to your website are now using a mobile device, and mobile users, more than even desktop and laptop users, are very picky about their browsing experience. They want to browse sites that look good on their phone, sites that fit their display like they were custom built for it, and they don’t want to have to hunt around to find the information they’re looking for. If they don’t find these elements on your website, they will normally just click their back button and visit one of your competitor’s sites, hoping to find what they’re looking for there. And, they won’t come back, meaning you have likely lost them – and their business – for good! That’s why you need a custom built mobile website, and that’s exactly what we provide. We build simple, easy-to-navigate, custom mobile websites for small and local businesses just like yours, and we do it for a lot less than you’re probably thinking. You pay just $497, one time, with no ongoing fees or other costs. After the site is built, you own it, and that’s all you will ever pay. If your site doesn’t look great on a mobile browser, call us today at 585-330-4709 and we’ll fix that!

No Mobile Site

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Great Mobile Site

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Who Is Likely To Be Visiting Your Website?

In the graph below, the statistics are clear. Mobile traffic accounts for over HALF of all your website visits, and that percentage is only going to keep increasing. The visitors you’re losing because you don’t have a mobile friendly website are likely turning to your competitors. Isn’t it time you stopped that from happening? Call us today at 585-330-4709 and we’ll make it happen!

Mobile Visitors Stats

Mobile Site Features

  • Automatically served to mobile visitors
  • Custom designed mobile log and graphics
  • Click to Call button on every page
  • Find Us feature available if desired
  • Automatically adapts to every device┬ásize
  • Mobile friendly menu and navigation
  • Super fast load time
  • Link to full website
  • All important info easily available
  • Social icons for Facebook, etc.

Example Mobile Sites

Here are several example mobile websites for you to look at. Clicking the links will open the site in a new window/tab. If possible, view these sites in a mobile browser:

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