We Simply Bring You More Leads, And More Customers… Every Month

At Lucidpage, we create lead generation campaigns that bring you qualified leads. Qualified leads are nothing more or less than customers, patients, or clients who have a proven desire and a need for your product or service.

How do we know this?

Simple… these prospects have performed a search in Google for exactly what you do. In other words, if you’re a landscaper in Albany, they have searched for “albany landscaper” or something similar. If you’re a lawyer in Houston, they have searched for “houston divorce attorney” or a similar phrase. You get the idea.

Below are the specific steps we take to get these ready-to-buy clients, patients, or customers calling you, instead of your competition.


Lead Generation Services

  • Create a new website for lead generation
  • Optimize site to maximize organic search engine rankings
  • Set up and optimize Google plus account for first page map rankings
  • Use Google and Google Maps to consistently bring you leads
  • Set up a tracking phone number to track leads and ROI

The cost is $1500 the first month, which includes the $500 setup fee, and $397/month afterwards.

It will generally take us about 3 weeks to get your business on page one of Google maps and for your leads to start flowing.

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