Hendersonville, NC: Could You, Should You Relocate Here?


Found at City of Hendersonville website.

I don’t know where you live right now, but if it’s anywhere other than Hendersonville, North Carolina this article is for you. As a person who moved to this lovely town just north of Greenville, SC a short 4 months ago, I have something to say about this topic that may influence your decision. In fact, I not only came here to live, I came here to start a small business providing SEO in Hendersonville to local businesses, so I feel like I’m qualified to recommend you consider moving here, too.

Hendersonville is the center of Henderson County government, and also the county’s largest city with about 13,500 residents. It’s quite a bit smaller than both Asheville, to the north, and Greenville, to the south, but just as beautiful as both of those, without the sprawl or crime of either. In fact, we have found the laid-back and easy-going pace of life here quite to our liking, and maybe you will, too.

The city of Hendersonville proper is only six square miles, but traffic can get a little tricky, especially on busy shopping afternoons along Route 64 near the mall and shopping section of town. However, it’s never really bad, except when the annual Apple Festival is going on each autumn. Then, you might as well park your car and walk, because you’ll be stuck in traffic anyway.

My wife and I moved here from upstate NY, near Rochester, and we don’t miss the sprawl or congestion, We also don’t miss the harsh winters. Hendersonville and the surrounding towns like Saluda, Flat Rock, and Brevard all have a mild climate, without many of the temperature extremes found either farther north or farther south. We’ve found it very pleasant, never too hot in summer, or too cold in winter. Plus, there’s just not much snow, so I sure don’t miss never having to use my snow shovel here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

There are some neat little neighborhoods and subdivisions in Hendersonville and the surrounding towns and villages, including Flat Rock Lakes, Barker Heights, Twin Brooks, Laurel Park, Indian Cove, and Valley Hill. The arts are well represented by the Flat Rock Playhouse, the Little Theater, and many galleries, craft co-ops, and art exhibitions. There are also a diverse assortment of restaurants and dining establishments from the Flat Rock Wood Room, to Hen-Do, a place to get chicken and doughnuts of all combinations, a place we have yet to experience.

And then there’s the outdoors. I think that’s what attracts most folks to the Hendersonville area and the surrounding region. Because of the western North Carolina area’s tremendous natural beauty and resources, there are a myriad of recreational opportunities to choose from. I started out with white water rafting on the nearby French Broad River, but you might prefer zip-lining through a deep, rugged canopy forest, or mountain biking one of the plethora of close-by trails. Of course, there are waterfalls galore, and hiking trails not to be missed, including the venerable Appalachian Trail only about an hour’s drive to the west.

So, before this article gets too drawn out, I want to invite you to visit Hendersonville and experience Henderson county for yourself. The schools are good, or so I’m told, there are a wide selection of churches and community activities, and the people are really friendly.

Anything else you think you might need?